Nations in Transit 2014: Russia Leads Eurasia's Break from the Democratic World

In a new report, Freedom House,  highlights Russia's pivotal role in a decade-long decline in democracy among the countries of the post-Soviet sphere.
The report, Nations in Transit 2014, shows Russia as the model and inspiration for policies leading to a retreat from free institutions throughout Eurasia and bringing the region to a new, alarming level of repression during the past year. 

"The events of 2013 show that the regime in Russia as a role model for other authoritarian leaders, even in states where the authorities already surpass their Russian counterparts in institutionalized brutality and intolerance," said Sylvana Habdank-Kołaczkowska., project director of the report. "Ten years ago, one in five people in Eurasia lived under Consolidated Authoritarian rule, as defined in the report. Today, it's nearly four in five, and the trend is accelerating."

Nations in Transit 2014 finds that setbacks to democratic governance as the dominant trend across Eurasia and the Balkans, as well as in post communist Central Europe, where the persistence of clientelism and corruption was in evidence throughout the past year.
More about the report here.
The Nations in Transit report can be found here.

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