Regional Repercussions of the Ukraine Crisis: Challenges for the Six Eastern Partnership Countries

The stand-off between Russia and the West over Ukraine has important repercussions in the entire Eastern Neighborhood of the European Union (EU), affecting its security, blurring the prospect of democracy, and alienating societies. While the political attention has been concentrated mostly on Ukraine, the EU and the United States need to focus their attention on all six Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries in the region in order to dampen the implications of the current crisis and to develop a long-term regional perspective that fosters security, stability, and democracy. 

The Ukraine crisis has deep implications for each of the six countries in the region, as they remain vulnerable, albeit to varying degrees, to Russia’s attitude towards, and actions in, its near abroad. As the level of insecurity remains high in each of the six countries and throughout the region, the EU and United States should work to mitigate security risks posed by protracted conflicts and by Russia’s renewed assertiveness. The analysis of such implications, as well as suggestions to the new policy architecture are presented by the experts in the policy paper, published by The German Marshall Fund of the United States. Text of the publication can be found here .

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